The Backpacker Oven

This fall, I had the opportunity to use a product called The Backpacker Oven and really gave it a thorough testing. I use Outback Ovens (the UL model and the 10 inch) quite frequently and used that as my benchmark for this particular oven.

The model I baked with measures slightly less than 18 cm (7 inches) and it folds flat for storage. It weighs in less than 681 grams (24 oz) without the baking pans and is quite durable. Just like the Outback Oven 10 inch model, this stove is not for the gram counting ultra-light backpacker, but it certainly has its place on smaller backpacking and paddling trips.

The kit consists of the oven, two 15 cm (6 inch) baking pans, two nylon straps, a gripper and a bag. You set the oven up using your backpacking stove as a heat source. I used an MSR Dragonfly for this. The two baking pans can be used in the oven at the same time; one above the other. The temperature gauge is easy to read and accurate.

I baked two pizzas simultaneously and they took about 12 minutes. I switched the pans around halfway through cooking which increased the time slightly. I also baked Blueberry Muffin Tops and Mini Pumpkin Pies and both turned out great.

Overall, the oven performed flawlessly. What I love about this oven is that I can bake pizza and cake at the same time, something, which I cannot do with the Outback Oven.

Here is a short video of the oven being used by its inventor on Mt. Whitney.

For more information please visit where you will find great photos and videos of the oven in use.

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